Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hey Tonya! :)

Hey there,

Just a note to Tonya, where's that snow you were going to send over here?  LOL I think it got lost. Made a wrong turn somewhere. Could you try again? Make sure it knows how to get here. Send a GPS with it or something...or a google map. :) LOL

Ok, I am done being silly. I am glad things are better there. Take care my friend. ((((HUGS))))



  1. Well I packed it up and satt he package on the step to go out in Mondays shipment...and darned if it didn't rain and melt not ony the snow but the snow package as well... Sorry I gave it my best shot...


  2. Hi Janet Sweetie...
    A darling post today. I think Tonya could send some here to the Phoenix valley as well if she wanted. We have 70-74 today and are supposed to be in the 80s by Friday. One of the reasons I so love living in the desert of Phoenix. Mild Winter, Little Springs and straight on to Summer. It is a place you either love or hate. No in between.

    I am your newest follower sweetie. Thank you for stopping by Country Wings in Phoenix. I am so thrilled that you love visiting me. I do this type of work for my job, so creating is fun for me.

    Have a glorious week sweet friend. Many country hugs, Sherry