Sunday, March 4, 2012

Thank you TCP :)


TCP  has two great new backgrounds. I put this one on my personal blog too. I love it. It really fits here doesn't it? Fits it two ways, 1) It looks great and is primitive, and 2) It fits even though this is a 3 column blog. The main color also make those 'boxes' look better. Not sure why each thing is in a box. I haven't liked it, not sure how to get rid of it. Maybe with this background I won't have to. :)

I am working on some pillowcase embroidery. It is looking ok. Maybe I will be able to get a picture on here of the finished project.  

I have been having fun adding buttons and giveaway pics to this blog. Next I will need to figure out how to add header pics when I don't have another add a gadget under my title. Do I just make it and then add it behind my title? And how wide across do I make it, like how many pixels?  Does anyone know?

I should get going. It is late and I have to check on my hubby, get doggie out and get to bed.

Have a great Sunday. Take care


  1. Good Morning Janet Sweetie...
    Oh how pretty and prim everything looks over here today. You chose a gorgeous background of love. Fits to a "T".

    You asked about the pics, when I do my header, I add my photo first, and then put my title on top of it. Everyone works a little differently of course. Size depends on the template that you are using, I just keep trying until I get it to fit, going back and resizing along the way works best for me.

    Your template that you have chosen, puts each little gadget into a box. You are stuck with that one, but I love the look sweetie. It is so pretty, really.

    Can't wait to see your pillowcase embroidery. I know it will be beautiful.

    Have a glorious Sunday dear one. Another 80(ish) day here in the desert of Phoenix. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. For the 2 column Minima, like you are using, the header cannot be more than 650 pixels wide to fit properly. If your header already has your blog's title on it, choose "Instead of Title and Description" in the Header gadget. This way, your header will fit properly. For the 3 column Minima, the max header width is 920 pixels :)

  3. Hi Danice,

    Thank you for your advice. :)And welcome to my blog.

    I checked your do you keep up with all your blogs? I have just 4 and I have a hard time. lol

    I'd like to put a few pics together for a header with the title on it just not sure how..I've had people tell me what program they use and I have checked them out but I seem to not be able to figure out how to use them. Silly me. Oh well...

    Have a great day. Janet W