Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Hi there,

Welcome to new followers. :)
Well, it looks like we are still waiting on funding so we are not open for business yet.
I will keep you posted. Take care


  1. Hi Janet, I am so sorry but I just found your comment from Feb 20 on my blogspot http://latter-daycrafters.blogspot.com/ I would love to help you get your site up and going. If you would like to list some of your items for sale in my store then we can link this blogspot to them. Let me know what you think. We can talk and see what is fair for both of us! Thaks, Trina

  2. hi Janet,thank you for your kind words from over at full freezer blog.your words help more than you know because I keep waiting for the other shoe to fall.we will find out Tuesday as thy read the new scans to us exactly what is going on. they had said stage 4 because a tumor on his liver also,but I'm thinking they are reassessing there own findings because the so said tumor on the liver has not changed in 9 months . weather it be everyone's prayers at work or a mistake on there part,I don't care as long as they tell me ,I can keep him a bit longer anyway.maybe we will go together. April fools day was my sisters birthday( just one of 7 sisters ) but like most of my sisters heart failure got most of them. she left us at 61 years of age ,that is the same age I am.I feel young at heart but I'm not so sure about proven family heredity.hope you and your a very nice Easter.